RSV Venture Partners runs a startup Accelerator

We've done a lot of research on the various startup incubator/accelerator programs from around the world. Each program we've looked at offered some combination of money, benefits and opportunities and what became apparent from our research is that only a full package, complete with a lot care and dedication has a true chance of success.

In creating the IdealMachine we envisioned a program we wish we had access to when we've started our first companies. When you run the "next Google", this is the program you'll really appreciate you've participated in.

So, how does Accelerator work?

The recipe is simple: It all starts with people, people like you. You come to us with an idea and a dream. We give you everything you need to build a company and turn it into a successful business.

We review your idea and meet with the team. If we like your idea and we see that the team is passionate about it we will make you an offer to join the Founder Camp. We usually accept between 15 and 20 companies into each Camp.

Founder Camp is a 4 month long program that will morph your idea into a business – complete with a corporate structure, business model, IP protection and a prototype. Teams accepted into the Founders Camp will have to move to St. Petersburg, at least for the duration of the camp.

During this time we will work closely with your team to get your company and your prototype into the best shape possible for the presentation to investors which will happen on a Demo Day at the end of 4 months cycle.

There will be a lot of events during the Founder Camp, we will have dinners, parties, talks, workshops and one-on-one sessions. Over the course of these events you will meet and interact with a lot of new people: mentors, advisors, technologists, VC and angel investors - people that will be essential to the success of your business.

Here is what Accelerator provides:

Capital – we will provide you with the funding that will enable you to get your idea off the ground. We invest $15,000 to $20,000, on average, depending on the number of founders and additional expenses required by the project. This will not make you rich (yet), but will give you freedom to focus 100% of your time on your dream. In exchange we will take a small percentage of ownership in your company.

Mentorshipb – Mentorship with leading entrepreneurs who have "been there and done that" – nothing can help a startup more than opportunity to learn from mistakes other people already made. We will bring insight, advice and guidance that very few people are qualified to give and those who are – are already rich, so it could only come from a partner. Plus you will get legal, accounting & administrative help – things that make any entrepreneur's skin crawl, but are important to the future of the company.

Connections – Once you have you prototype build and business plan written, you need somebody to convince it is the best thing since sliced bread. We will make introductions to VCs and angel investors and provide opportunities to get your ideas to pitch to dozens of them at the Demo Day at the end of the Camp are just a few things we do for our graduates. We will also participate in the seed funding for those companies we think came up with something really good.

Strategic Insight – We are plugged into the business and venture community and can help you understand, pinpoint and steer your business to "where the puck is going to be". Our experience and knowledge of the industry are at your disposal and nothing excites us more than the chance to guide you to your success.

Knowledge – When you join our program, you will get access to variety of educational programs we run for the participants. Industry experts, veterans of famous startups with scars to show, grey-haired advisors – these are the people that we will bring to the Camp to help you be successful.

Community – Entrepreneurs come to Accelerator from variety of backgrounds and past experiences. You'll be working alongside some of the best new startup teams and some really cool people, you will make friends and form lifelong bonds with peers that will propel you and your business for years to come.It can be a spontaneous brainstorming session on a tough issue, or maybe having somebody with an eye for design look at your wireframes or simply having a beer and chatting about life – all of it makes the Founder Camp a great place to be when starting a business.

Resources – When you start a company, you need to spend money on the place to work, computers to work on, accountant to file taxes and many other things that do not directly help your success. We provide all of this to Founder Camp participants to make sure they conserve the precious cash that can be used to hire new talent and build better prototypes.